Compliments of the Chef

Culinary Q&A

For more menu planning advice, we turned to our culinary team for their thoughts…

  • What is your best advice for planning a menu for a large group of people?
    Incorporate your own authentic touches into the menu while still remembering that you aren’t cooking for yourself! There will be lots of people and palates, so keep in mind what your group will enjoy. Create a menu with plenty of variety, and keep the options classic for the most part. If you want to make a statement, opt for including it in a station rather than an entrée.
  • How important is my cocktail hour?
    Very! Your cocktail hour is your first opportunity to welcome & wow your guests. It sets the tone for your entire event, and showcases your thoughtfulness as the gracious host or hostess. For example, if your event is mid-summer, welcome your guests with a cool, refreshing signature drink. If your guests are coming from a wedding ceremony, or have travelled long distances, treat them to extra food stations to fortify them after their journey!
  • What foods will make my guests groan with pleasure?
    Going the extra mile for dessert. Special occasions are the perfect time for everyone to indulge: Who can say no to a luscious Viennese Table, six flavors of gelato, or dessert liquors served in chocolate mini shots? And who can forget a wedding that served hot waffles with ice cream late into the evening?
  • Which new station are you are most excited about?
    Without a doubt, our late night stations! Our bacon, egg & cheese station was such a huge success that we have expanded our choices to include options like gourmet grilled cheeses, mini filet mignon sliders, and freshly baked cookies. Your guests who have been dancing the night away will thank you!